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    Berry College
  Jul 26, 2017
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2013 - 2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Religion and Philosophy

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Evans School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty: Professors Kennedy, McKenzie and Papazian; Associate Professor Lidke; Assistant Professor Hollingsworth; Visiting Assistant Professor Schwartz and Yoder

Evans Hall, Room 102 Telephone: (706) 236-2279

Courses in religion and philosophy demand rigorous study and willingness to examine objectively and sympathetically various religious and philosophical viewpoints. The objective of the study of religion and philosophy is to enable students to gain a greater understanding of their own heritage and outlook and the heritage and outlook of others.

The department offers a major in religion and philosophy with a concentration in either area; a dual concentration in religion and philosophy; a minor in religion; and a minor in philosophy.

It also offers the opportunity to structure a strong interdisciplinary major with philosophy or religion as the core. See the section on Interdisciplinary Studies.

A major in religion and philosophy consists of 36 semester hours, including the 3-hour generaleducation requirement. Since religion and philosophy majors earn the Bachelor of Arts degree, they must meet the foreign-language requirements of that degree.

The combined religion and philosophy major can provide a strong liberal arts concentration. This major prepares students for theological seminary; law or business schools; or graduate work in religion, philosophy and other fields in the humanities.



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