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    Berry College
  Feb 19, 2018
2013-14 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Middle Grades Education Major (4-8), B.S.

The middle grades (MG) education major leads to the Bachelor of Science degree and prepares teachers for certification in grades 4-8. The middle grades teacher must have a broad general education in addition to knowledge of the techniques and materials needed to teach many different subjects.

Students majoring in middle grades education are required to choose a primary concentration and a secondary concentration in addition to the professional education courses. The primary concentration will be chosen from the areas of language arts, science, social studies or mathematics. The secondary concentration will be selected from one of the three areas not chosen for the primary.

Some courses satisfying general education requirements may also satisfy primary and secondary concentrations; however, courses satisfying professional education or the major may not be counted again in the concentration. Each concentration must consist of at least 15 hours and a content pedagogy course. It is suggested that middle grades majors have a faculty mentor in their area of primary concentration in addition to their education advisor.

Requirements: 87 hours

Concentration Areas (choose one primary and one secondary as described above: 36 hours

Six additional hours in ENG or COM: 6 hours


Students must also take one course in each of the other two disciplines or chemistry for a total of four courses representing three different areas of science for a minimum total of 15 hours.
*may require additional mathematics pre-requisites

Social Science Concentration Requirements: 18 hours