Jul 21, 2019  
2018-19 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-19 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Performance, B.Mus.

Ford, Room 215 Telephone: (706) 236-2289; Fax: (706) 238-7847

The mission of the Berry College music program is to educate students in the discipline of music and to provide quality musical experiences for all Berry students. It seeks to prepare students for professional careers in music and to provide all interested students and community members with opportunities to appreciate, enjoy and participate in musical performances. Students are admitted to the music program by audition; financial aid is available.

The Bachelor of Music in Performance is designed to provide students with the academic and professional foundatino essential to success in the field. The course of study includes offerings in applied studio, music history and literature, music theory, and pedagogy. Music Performance training in the liberal arts includes complementary activities of artistic development in large and small group performance. This allows students to apply skills they learn in class. 

The program is committed to:

  • Developing the artistic maturity of students by stressing collaboration, discipline, humility, and tolerance;
  • Providing opportunities for self-expression and creative fulfillment;
  • Collaborating with other artists and scholars in community, academic, and professional settings;
  • Broadening the consciousness of student artists and concert-goers.

Requirements (71 hours for instrumental/72 hours for vocal):

Specialty Literature: (3 Hours)

Three hours chosen by the student's area of specialization

Specialty Classes for Instrumental Concentration: (7 hours)

Applied Music Lessons: (16 hours)

(2 hours per semester for 8 semesters)

Music Electives: (8 Hours)

  • MUS 498   - Junior Recital Preparation and Research 1-3 hours
  • MUS 498   - Senior Recital Preparation and Reserach 1-3 hours

    An additional 5 hours of music electives at the 300/400 level.

    Students will perform a jury at the end of each semester. The jury serves as a final examination each semester for the studio lesson.

Applied Music Requirements:

For all music majors, two hours of credit per semester represent a one-hour lesson per week. Individual practice time is required for lessons. A junior recital is required at the 300 level. A senior recital is required at the 400 level. For majors in music education and music with elective studies in business and the B.A. in music, a half-hour length recital is required.

For the B.Mus. in Performance, a 50-60 minute recital is required. Major credit is established through individual examinations, called Juries, held at the close of each semester by a committee of the music faculty and is based on performance standards and satisfactory progress. 

In all applied music, a fee for individual lessons is charged in addition to regular tuition.

Students taking applied lessons are required to attend concerts each semester. Students taking lessons for 2 hours credit must attend 10 recitals each semester and those taking lessons for 1 hour credit must attend 5 recitals each semester. 

College Music Organizations:

All music majors are required to participate in either the college Concert Choir (MUS 111 A or B), Wind Ensemble (MUS 131 A or B), or Orchestra (MUS 131 C or D) each semester; music minors must participate for four semesters. Students may repeat these courses for credit or may elect to participate through the zero-credit option to avoid overload charges.

B.Mus. in Performance students are required to participate in at least one Chamber group per semester. Berry Singers (by audition only), Jazz Ensemble (MUS 141 A or A0) and/or Chamber Music (MUS 132).

Piano Proficiency:

In order to graduate with a B.Mus. in Performance, all music majors are required to demonstrate basic piano proficiency by:

  1. Successfully completing the piano competency exam, or
  2. Earning a grade of B or better in MUS 297 Class Piano.