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2021-22 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-22 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre Major, B.A.

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The theatre program is designed to provide students with the academic and professional foundation essential to enjoyment and success in the field. The course of study includes offerings in performance, design and technical theatre, and theatre history and criticism. Theatre training in the liberal arts entails the complementary activities of artistry and intellectual development. Since only the Bachelor of Arts degree is offered for theatre majors, all majors must complete the foreign-language requirement of that degree. The theatre curriculum is designed to immerse students in the scholarship as well as the practicalities of theatre. Frequent productions allow students to apply skills they learn in class.

The program is committed to

  • broadening the consciousness of student artists and playgoers;
  • Preserving and fostering cultural achievements and aesthetic sensibility;
  • Developing the artistic maturity of students by stressing the virtues of collaboration, discipline, humility and tolerance;
  • Providing opportunities for self-expression and creative fulfillment; and
  • Collaborating with other artists and scholars in community, academic and professional settings.

The goals of the theatre major are

  1. To acquaint students with the primary assumptions and critical principles of theatre-arts theory and practice;
  2. To promote an understanding of the roles and contributions of the several collaborative artists responsible for theatre activity;
  3. To promote a reading and performing knowledge of dramatic literature;
  4. To develop students' appreciation of how the various components of theatre are orchestrated to produce an aesthetically satisfying experience and insight into the human condition;
  5. To familiarize the student with the historical heritage of theatre; and
  6. To generate new perceptions and skills relevant to an appreciation and practice of dramatic arts.

Requirements (36 hours):


*THE 450  requires students to complete six semesters of THE 200 - Theatre Practicum .  Students may complete either the credit or non-credit version of the course to meet this pre-requisite.

Elective Courses chosen from the following (9 hours):


* may be repeated once