Sep 30, 2022  
2021-22 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-22 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Marketing Major, B.S.

The discipline of marketing is eclectic in nature, drawing from the natural and social sciences in developing and expanding its content. As such, the areas of accounting, economics, law, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, sociology and other related disciplines are drawn upon for the conceptual, theoretical and empirical underpinnings of the marketing discipline. A wide range of career opportunities is available to marketing graduates. The challenges of marketing require men and women with creative ability, intelligence and skill who are prepared to fill an ever-increasing number of senior staff and executive positions. Marketing students examine consumer behavior, marketing research and analysis, market segmentation, positioning, product policy, advertising and communications, distribution and pricing, and their impacts on the design and implementation of marketing strategies. The marketing program introduces the student to the role of marketing in both the firm and in society.

Requirements (63 - 64 hours):


No more than 50 percent of the courses used to satisfy the business core or major-specific classes can be transferred from another institution.

Use of information technology:

Specific software and information technology requirements will be listed in individual course syllabi and an opportunity will be provided during the first few weeks of a course to complete any computer-based training modules that were not completed earlier.