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2021-22 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-22 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental Sciences Major, B.S.

The Environmental Science (EVS) major at Berry College is an interdisciplinary program for the study of the earth's ecosystems and human interactions with those environments. Students in environmental science take a majority of courses in the natural sciences, but also engage the social sciences and humanities so that they understand and approach environmental problems in an interdisciplinary way. In addition to the environmental science core, students have the option of taking either a customized program of natural and social science/humanities electives or minoring in natural science, social science, or humanities.  This flexibility allows our graduates to cater their coursework to a wider variety of career and educational opportunities in the public and private sectors. The Environmental Science program also gives students opportunities for internships, directed or independent studies, and cooperative research with faculty.

Note: Students cannot earn a major in Environmental Science and a minor in Environmental Science or a major in Environmental Studies and a minor in Environmental Studies. For students who are Environmental Science majors wishing to minor in Environmental Studies or Environmental Studies majors wishing to minor in Environmental Science, at least 9 hours in courses numbered 300 or above must be used solely to satisfy the requirements for the minor. In cases where courses may be used to satisfy more than one degree requirement, at least 15 hours in courses numbered 300 or above counted toward the major must be used solely for that requirement.

Core Courses (40 hours)

Interest Focused Electives (selected in consultation with the student's academic advisor)

Science Electives

Students can either:

Social Science and Humanities Electives

Students can either: