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2022-23 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-23 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physics Major, Professional Track, B.S.

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The Physics Major, Professional Track, is intended for students who plan to become professional physicists or astronomers.

Note: Students may not earn multiple majors within the Physics program, or both a major and minor in Physics.

Total Required Hours: 58 hours

Physics Major

Physics, originally called natural philosophy, is the study of the physical world. Astronomy is the scientific study of the heavens and began as an independent discipline but came to be closely linked with physics in the 20th century. Physicists and astronomers use experiments and observations to study matter and energy, and to analyze the results and formulate theories using mathematics. Logical thinking and problem solving are emphasized. Aims of the department of physics are to

  1. Prepare physics majors for graduate schools or jobs in government laboratories or industry,
  2. Guide dual-degree engineering students through their three years of education at Berry,
  3. Provide courses in physics and astronomy as a service to other departments,
  4. Help in preparing secondary-school teachers of science, and
  5. Provide scientific training for individuals who enjoy physics and astronomy but want to work in other fields.

Students planning to become certified to teach physics in public secondary schools must complete either concentration in the physics major and a major in secondary education . Students will be assigned an advisor for both majors.

Physics and Astronomy Electives: 3 hours

3 additional hours of physics and astronomy, which may include AST 120  The Copernican Revolution but no other 100-level astronomy or physics courses.

Students who plan to attend graduate school should take additional courses in physics and mathematics, including MAT 303  Linear Algebra.

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