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2022-23 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-23 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology Major: Integrative Biology Concentration, B.S.

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The Integrative Biology (IB) concentration is designed for students who want more flexibility in creating a unique curricular plan beyond traditional preparations for graduate or professional degrees.  The IB concentration provides a gateway towards interdisciplinary careers such as One Health, science journalism, scientific illustrator, or high school teaching in a STEM discipline.  Students planning to become certified biology teachers in Georgia public secondary schools must complete a major in biology and a major in secondary education.  Students who aspire to become high school biology teachers are strongly encouraged to consider focusing on one additional STEM discipline (CHM, MATG, or PHY) to enhance their marketability in science education.  The Integrative Biology (IB) major allows students to embed the requirements for a minor from another department within the School of MNS.  The IB major provides a patheway towards double majoring in Biology and Exercise Science for students interested in focusing on human biology.  Note: students may not earn both a major and minor in Biology.

Integrative Biology Electives (22hrs)

Students majoring in biology with an IB emphasis must take six elective biology courses representing a minimum of 22 credit hours.  May include BIO 206  , BIO 207  , or higher BIO electives (cannot include biology core requirements).  May include CHM 341: Biochemistry I   , as a BIO elective. At least three BIO electives must have a lab.  Fifteen hours must be taken in residence.  Students are encouraged to select the courses that best align with their interests and/or post-baccalaureate plans.  A maximum of 3 hours of BIO 498  credit can be counted towards total hours of elective credit.

Integrative Biology Additional Science and Mathematics Requirements (19hrs)


4hrs at the CHM 108  level or higher.  Chemistry minors are exempt from this requirement.

Mathematics/Science Electives (18hrs minimum)

Additional course taken from ANS, AST, BIO, CHM, EVS, GEO, MAT, OHS, or PHY.  One of these electives may be a 100-level Foundations (F4d) BIO course from the following: BIO 103 , BIO 105 , BIO 106 , BIO 107 , BIO 108 BIO 103  may not be used as a science/mathematics elective credit if the student first completed BIO 111 .  Students may not use CHM 102  for math/science elective credit. CHM 341  can be used as science/mathematics elective credit, or as biology elective credit, but CHM 341 cannot double count for bio elective credit AND science/math elective credit.  Students with double majors in biology and secondary education may substitute 4hrs of EDU 499  for one science elective.  Students may count the following KIN courses:KIN 268 , KIN 270 , KIN 280 , KIN 311 I , KIN 354 , KIN 411 I  towards the additional science/mathematics electives of the integrative biology major.  Students utilizing KIN courses as science/mathemantics electives have a viable pathway towards double majoring in biology and exercise science.

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