Jun 12, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Creative Technologies Major, B.S.

Faculty: Coordinator and Professor Grout. Also, faculty of the departments offering courses specified below. Green Hall, Room 212 Telephone: (706) 238-7877

The Creative Technologies major is an interdisciplinary program that combines studies in Technology, Computer science, and Business. It uses technology projects as the means for developing student creativity, analytic & problem solving skills, mathematical & scientific reasoning, collaborative abilities, aesthetic sensibilities, computing, programming skills, project management skills, and strategic insights. Technologies that will be used in the program of study will include digital fabrication tools (like 3D printing and laser cutting), software development, robotics and programmable logic controllers.

The goal of the Creative Technologies major is to provide an engaging, empowering environment where students apply technologies to projects of personal interest including projects that could be commercially viable or address unmet societal needs. In developing these projects, collaboration will be stressed.

 Requirements (35 hours):


Students planning to become certified to teach engineering and technology in public K-12 schools must complete a Creative Technologies major and a Secondary Education Major (6-12 or P-12), B.S.  Electives within the Creative Technologies major must include CRT 340  and CRT 350 EDU 221  and EDU 222  may be substituted for CRT 350 .