Jan 25, 2021  
2014-15 Graduate Catalog 
2014-15 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fees

Financial Information

As a matter of basic policy, charges to students are kept to a minimum. These charges are less than what it actually costs Berry to provide graduate study. To balance the difference between actual educational costs and the amount a student pays, Berry must obtain from other resources a substantial amount for each student.

Tuition and Fees

Graduate Tuition (Business)-per credit hour


Graduate Tuition (Education)-per credit hour


Audit Fee, per semester hour

50% of tuition

Technology Fee, per semester


Student Activity Fee, per semester (if registered for 9 hours or more)


Replacement of student-identification card


Graduation Fee (including keeper cap and gown)


Late Clearance Fee


Transcript of record


Fee for returned check (each transaction)


Tuition rates are announced annually. Information is available from the business office at 706-236-2252 or from their Business Office website at www.berry.edu/business/.

These and other regular semester charges become effective with the fall 2014 semester. Some or all charges may necessarily be increased in subsequent semesters. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to change any charge (tuition, fees or other) at any time.

A meal plan is optional for graduate students, who may also purchase single meals in the dining hall. For information, consult the business office.

Financial Obligation to the College

A student who is delinquent in payment of any financial obligation to Berry College may be removed from classes; may not be allowed to register at the college for another semester until such delinquency is satisfied; may not be issued transcripts or a degree; and may be subject to further action.

Payment of Charges Each Semester

Each student who has preregistered is billed in advance with an itemized statement of charges for the semester; financial-aid credits applied, if any; and the net amount due to complete registration. Students who register after the designated preregistration period will not receive an itemized bill and must contact the business office to make payment arrangements. Students registering during the drop/add period should contact their advisor to confirm course choices before registering and then contact the business office to make payment arrangements.

Net charges are due and payable on or before the fee-payment date. The student Deferred-Payment Plan is available for those who wish to pay charges for each semester in monthly installments. A service charge will be assessed students who choose the Deferred-Payment Plan. Students who receive tuition reimbursement from their employer should complete an Employer Tuition Payment Form, available from all graduate studies program offices, and submit it to the business office as payment of all or part of their charges.

Clearance to Attend Classes

A student will not be "cleared" to attend classes and professors will not admit students to class until the business services office has received the net amount billed or the first installment under the Deferred-Payment Plan for the semester and all scholarship, loan and other financial-aid forms and/or checks have been signed.

Refund of Charges

All students who withdraw during a semester will be charged tuition, and room and board if appropriate, at the rate of 10 percent of the semester charge for each week of enrollment. If a recipient of financial aid withdraws and is scheduled to receive a refund, all or part of this refund will be used to reimburse the financial-aid programs from which the student received funds. Other fees are not refundable. Graduate students who withdraw from one or more courses within a semester but do not withdraw from the institution will receive a refund on the tuition from the withdrawn coursework at the rate described above.

Students receiving Title IV Federal Financial Aid are subject to a percentage of these funds being refunded back to the Fund, depending on the number of days enrolled in the semester.